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'Beautiq Masah Skin cliniq' believes in keeping abreast with global aesthetic and beauty trends making their wave internationally. Beautiq brings the best skin treatments and beauty therapies and tailor make them to suit individual skin concerns. The skin clinic located in the heart of South Delhi, Defence Colony, is emerging as an internationally preferred skin care destination with a lot of expats from embassies visiting for skin consultation. The care and precision combined with safety and hygiene standards makes it one of the best skin clinics in Delhi.
'Beautiq Masah Skin cliniq' has best dermatologists and doctors on panel who combine their time tested experience with innovation to produce best results. Our treatment ranges from problem-solutions to comprehensive beauty improvements. Be it consultation for pcod, or solutions for wrinkles, sagging skin , skin brightening , skin resurfacing, acne, acne scars, pigmentation, hair loss, hair thinning, permanent hair reduction, double chin and much more, we have it all.
So if you want to reinvent the way you look visit Beautiq Masah, the best skin clinic in Delhi!
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About Priyanka Ahmed
Making your skin feel and look better is my life purpose…

While growing up I had my usual girl issues as every other girl had pcos, unwanted hair growth, acne, acne marks to excessive hair fall. I visited various top notch clinics and doctors and to my disappointment my situation only became worse. Some recommended steroids to stop hair fall while others sold me package of laser hair reduction only to come back to me after a year and say learn to live with it.

It is then I decided to study skin and the science behind it to get a radiant clear skin. I am an internationally certified skin and aesthetic laser consultant and reading more and more about skin is my passion. I joined hands with various doctors on the way and that’s how Beautiq Masah Skin Cliniq came into existence. I believe consistent efforts on skin can lead to big results.

A healthy skin has glow, brightness, and volume. Our skin loses 1 to 5 percent collagen every year leading to loss in skin volume and its resilience. As a result we get wrinkles and dry skin. With the combination of right clinical procedures and a consistent home care we can get a healthy, radiant and a supple skin and can maintain it forever. Let me help you deal with your skin issues and tell you what your skin needs and what doesn’t. Taking care of your skin in more important than covering it up so see you in my consultation soon😊
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